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Who We ARE


Lumenari Technologies, Inc. (Lumenari) is a Canadian enterprise specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of advanced LED lighting solutions and controls for the horticulture and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry. Lumenari’s product line includes products for greenhouse and vertical farming applications, and will penetrate both markets by leveraging our manufacturing capabilities, patented LED technologies, database & automation algorithms, and cost-effective pricing.


Lumenari believes LED horticulture grow lights is essential in promoting, strengthening, and increasing the output capacity of the Canadian agriculture industry, and will further promote new methods of crop production such as vertical farming. Lumenari will also develop new software tools and data analysis methods to assist growers in using our LED horticulture products. We understand the fresh food availability challenges facing many Canadian communities, and that this is an ideal time to establish and develop new horticulture technologies in this fast-growing industry and help Canada position itself as a sustainable food producer.

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Our Values


Corporate Responsibility


Lumenari was founded so that individuals and corporations can utilize our products and technologies in order to take responsibility, confront, and facilitate a major issue the world currently faces today; climate change.

Environmentally Conscious


Our horticulture lighting solutions aim to re-connect and unite the urban metropolis with the natural environment via urban farming. Our commercial lighting solutions aim to lower energy consumption and, in turn, lower CO2emissions. With this combination, we hope to transition the modern city into an environmentally friendly and integrated thriving metropolis.

Creating Change


By providing you with cost effective, eco-friendly lighting solutions that enhance your life, we allow, you, the consumer or business to create change while having complete control and customization of your lighting needs. With your help we can take the right steps to reverse this ever-growing problem and create a greener world for future generations.